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“Karli’s winsome soprano takes the lead with James’s soft harmony backing her flawlessly..

Well produced and radio ready.” – Robert K. Oermann, MusicRow

Pioneering a distinct blend of pure Country music and indie rock, the duo Karli & James began etching their place in the music scene in 2017. Born from a serendipitous meeting in a Nashville coffee shop, their musical journey is as unique as their sound.

Hailing from Bolivar, Missouri, Karli Chayne's rich, emotive soprano voice and passion for songwriting took root from her early days performing in her parents' Truman Lake Opry show. A lover of 90’s and 2000’s Country music, Karli moved to Nashville at just 15 to kickstart her music career. Partnered with James Sinclair-Stott, a UK-based musician with an indie rock influence and knack for creating radio-ready hits, the duo creates a sound that they like to call leather and lace country - a little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll - Straight-laced roots with a bit of edgy truth.

The duo, originally known as Cross Atlantic due to James's British roots, have already gained recognition from Billboard, CMT, and MusicRow. Their early singles found success on streaming sites, earning spots on playlists like Spotify's New Music Nashville and Apple Music's Country Wide. Their debut single "Mercy" launched them to the top of the CMT Music 12-Pack Countdown and secured them an opening slot on Brandy Clark's UK and US tours.

Their chemistry was apparent from their very first writing session. Without even trying, their unique voices created a blend that did not go unnoticed. This promising start inspired James to return to London, where he built tracks around their new songs, innovating the sound that they both had always been looking for. Without hesitation, Karli and James jumped at the idea to become a duo, without realizing all of the hurdles that would come with that - James was finally able to make the big move to Nashville in 2017, to continue their shared musical dream.

Married in September 2019, their relationship has not only influenced their lyrics but also deepened their musical exploration. Their evolving sound now exhibits a more organic, live feel that pays homage to Karli's traditional Country music roots. Their commitment to their craft is evident on the new EP, Someday Dreaming. Every track, co-written by the duo and a mix of new and established songwriters and artists (Adam Wheeler, Mary Kutter, Porter Howell, Brian Alexander), reflects their growth as songwriters and artists.

Someday Dreaming also marks James's debut as a solo producer. His meticulous approach ensures each song aligns with his envisioned sound, while his knack for collaboration brings top-tier studio musicians into the mix, further enriching their songs.

"Creating music together is like a shared dream," says Karli, one half of the country duo. "As best friends, we inspire and challenge each other in ways that make this journey truly fulfilling. There's a special kind of magic in being on this music journey with your best friend," adds James, "it's more than just making music—it's creating a soundtrack for our shared experiences that we hope others relate and connect to. We wouldn't have it any other way."

As they continue to hone their unique sound, Karli & James also excel in live performances, having graced historic venues in Nashville and shared stages with the likes of Lonestar, Uncle Kracker, Sara Evans, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. With their shared passion for music and their commitment to their craft, Karli & James are more than just a country duo—they are a compelling musical journey that continues to unfold​​.

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